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#nu2030 Event

Meet the Brands with Deanna Utroske

Join us on March 9th, 2023, for an online global nutricosmetics event!

Experience the visionary world of nutricosmetics panel discussions featuring successful brands that have already tapped into the nutricosmetics market with the brands that are developing beauty from within supplements.

The discussions will be hosted by Deanna Utroske, a business content specialist and a top-tier critical thinker in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Deanna is widely praised for her interview skills and is a highly sought-after speaker, presenting to beauty business audiences in Bologna, Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York City, and LA as well as to viewers around the world via zoom and video. 

What to expect?

Conversations with the brands

18:00h CET / 12:00h EST

The shape of beauty supplements: pills, powders, tinctures, gummies, & more


Mireille Vega, VGAM biome
Ewelina Aiossa, Clinical Skin
Davina Kaonohi, Element Apothec &
Jennifer Carlsson, Mintoiro

18:45h CET / 12:45h EST break

18:50h CET / 12:50h EST

Beautiful inside and outside: pairing topical & ingestible cosmetics


Boris Oak, EVOLVh
Sarah A. Fotis, Collective Laboratories
David Koo Hjalmarsson, Tiny Associates® &
Uroš Gotar, TOSLA Nutricosmetics

19:35h CET / 13:35h EST break 

19:40h CET / 13:40h EST 

Beauty with benefits: the power & potential of nutricosmetics


Paula Simpson, Nutribloom Consulting
Barbara Paldus, Codex Beauty
Marie Drago, Gallinée Microbiome Skincare &
Katja Zmitek, VIST – Faculty of applied sciences

20:25h CET / 14:25h EST break 

20:30h CET / 14:30h EST

Rediscovering beauty: finding, trying, & buying edible cosmetics


Aaron Hefter, Imaraïs Beauty by Sommer Ray 

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of beauty. We look forward to e-meeting you at Nutricosmetics 2030: Meet the Brands!