#nutricosmetics2030 Event

Sustainable Beauty Inside Out

An event that brought together beauty and sustainability.      

Sustainable Beauty Inside Out

We brought together visionary leaders, researchers, investors, manufacturers, nutricosmetics brands, and other experts, spearheading the movement towards a more sustainable future, greening the glow, and digging into the sustainable future of nutricosmetics!

Giving the spotlight to the industry leaders who are revolutionizing how we approach beauty, nourishment, and environmental responsibility simultaneously. Discovering the latest sustainability practices emerging in nutricosmetics, connecting beauty from within and sustainability in perfect harmony. Learning how industry frontrunners are embracing eco-friendly sourcing, packaging solutions, and responsible production methods, all while delivering exceptional results for your skin and well-being.

The event covered four podcasts:

18:00 CET / 12:00 EST

Rules and Regulations: a look at sustainability and efficacy claims for edible beauty 

Discussing sustainability claims used in nutricosmetics and the regulations behind them. 

Jennifer Carlsson, Brand expert at Mintoiro

Ute Wollenweber, CEO and Founder at Care-and-Science

Mojgan Moddaresi, Director at Personal Care Regulatory Ltd

18:50 CET / 12:50 EST

Functional Beauty: a life-cycle approach to eco and ethical nutricosmetics

Talking to the brands that are fighting strongly for a greener future while delivering beauty from within.

Toni Carroll, CEO at My Beauty Luv

Firdevs Dursun, Marketing Manager at Florêve Paris


19:40 CET / 13:40 EST

Supply-Side Supplements: an exploration of production, packaging, and labeling solutions

Hearing from the manufacturers delivering goods for the nutricosmetics market and hearing their efforts toward greening the glow. 

Primož Artač, CEO and Founder at TOSLA Nutricosmetics

Andreas Kunze, Key account manager at Jamnik d.o.o.

Rok Miklavcic, Business Development at Mica d.o.o.

Alessandro Solcia, Production Manager at Arca Sleeves Srl

20:30 CET / 14:30 EST 

Planet-Friendly: a reassessment of material science for sustainable beauty

A conversation with a plastic expert.

Chris DeArmitt, President at Phantom Plastics

All the recordings are available HERE.