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Collagen and the Vegan Trend

Past Event: Collagen and the Vegan Trend Cocktail Party with a DJ!

This was the 2nd episode of the event Nutricosmetics 2030, held by TOSLA Nutricosmetics, with the red line being the dichotomy between Collagen and the Vegan trend. 

Nutricosmetics 2030 is a series of biannual talks, panel discussions, and workshops on the vision of nutricosmetics and where the industry is going in the following years.  

The latest nutricosmetics hype is around collagen peptides, which are a considerable part of our skin, hair, nails, cornea, cartilage, bones, and connective tissues. It is produced from animal skin and bones, predominantly cattle, pigs, and fish. The raw material is an upcycled ingredient, meaning that it’s a byproduct of the meat industry, which is returned to the food chain to be used for human consumption. 

Although collagen peptides are strictly animal produce, vegan alternatives exist. Vegan collagen boosters are usually made from non-animal derived amino acids but in the same setting as they are found in animal collagen. 

We would like to thank our start guests, who shared their perspectives on the topics with fellow nutricosmetics enthusiasts:

Some of the main topics discussed were the vegan hype, the Global Nutricosmetics Map, differences s between vegan and plant-based, the share of vegans vs. carnivores, and vegan collagen.  

Join us at the next Nutricosmetics 2030 episode, hosted by Deanna Utroske!