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Meet Amandine De Paepe, Insentials

How do nutricosmetics brands nail the proper formulation and dosage of supplements?

In this episode, we dig deeper into the reasons why certain supplement companies formulate their supplements with a particular dosage, and touch on how certain vitamins and nutrients can help with optimal liver function. Freelance beauty and wellness editor Mara Santilli hosted Amandine De Paepe, nutritionist and founder of the Belgian company Insentials, to find out more. 

Amandine discussed her decision to formulate the supplements with fewer pills but higher dosages of a particular vitamin, so that nutritional changes within the body are more evident and consumers are getting the proper amount for their preventative health. This helps with the maximum absorption of the nutrients, too.

For example, Amandine shared the statistics on vitamin D deficiency in Belgium: About 90% of women in Belgium are deficient in vitamin D because there isn’t consistent sunlight there. Consequently, there needs to be a high concentration of the vitamin in a supplement for it to make a difference in people’s vitamin D levels.  

Furthermore, Amandine shed light on the importance of taking an adequate dosage of folic acid, or vitamin B9, beyond just in pregnancy, during which it’s a key nutrient, found often in prenatal vitamins. B9 is important for maintaining healthy DNA, Amandine emphasized, which is why it is important to take during pregnancy, while you are creating DNA for a new human. Additionally, vitamin B9 is equally important for supporting vitamin metabolism in the liver. 

The liver helps break down and absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K and also stores water-soluble vitamins, including vitamin B12 (And fun fact: vitamin A is critical to skin and hair growth, so you need your liver to be in optimal shape to absorb the amount of vitamin A you need). Amandine also pointed out that the liver helps regulate hormones and the metabolism of both protein and sugars in the body. So it’s important that you nourish the liver in order for it to properly store and break down other vitamins, as well as metabolize protein and sugars. 

However, capsule supplements can be limited in the concentration of vitamins and other active ingredients they contain. Collagen is one protein which has the disadvantage of the dosage not being very high in a capsule form, Amandine explained. Ultimately, collagen goes the furthest and is most effective when taken internally. It can have a tightening, smoothing effect on the skin if it is in a moisturizer, for example. But once you wash it off of your face, it is not as effective. Ingested hydrolysed collagen has a dual mechanism of action: Free amino acids in our blood system provide building blocks for the formation of collagen and elastin fibres; whereas larger collagen peptides act as stimulants, triggering skin cells in the dermis, called fibroblasts, and producing new collagen molecules, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Since collagen capsules are often limited in concentration, and the taste of collagen powders may not be pleasing to all consumers, liquid formulas of collagen shots can be a tastier supplement experience. TOSLA Nutricosmetics not only has developed VELIOUS™ Masking Technology to help dilute the taste of collagen or other active ingredients in supplements but also invests in clinical trials to help brands build awareness around their formulations. Not only the taste but the most convenient form of the product and ingredient dosage is the basis of a supplement brand’s success.

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