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Meet Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald, LAND Essentials

How can nutricosmetics fit into your wellness rituals?

In this episode, freelance beauty and wellness editor Mara Santilli hosted Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald, founder of the Australian-based wellness brand LAND Essentials. The foundations of the brand are the principles of healthy travel and ritual, exemplified by the hero products Sea Hydrate and Rise Ritual

Jaimi-Lee began by describing her lifelong love of the ocean and its role in the vision of the brand’s pillars: to ground, to balance, and to escape. The Sea Hydrate formula is packed with electrolytes, including potassium and magnesium, thanks to ingredients like coconut water powder. It is made for staying hydrated and energized all throughout your vacation or day by the ocean (the powder comes in a larger plastic free jar that can be replenished with a refill pack or a 50g refillable traveler jar). 

LAND Essentials’ clinical nutritionist in residence, Erin Hall, confirms how important electrolytes are to ensure adequate balance of fluids in the body; they also contribute to stabilizing the blood pressure, muscle contraction, and nerve function. Electrolytes must be replenished regularly when you sweat, even if you’re just sitting on the beach and not necessarily exercising. In general, regular hydration should be part of a daily ritual—if you’re thirsty, that means dehydration is already underway, Hall points out. 

Though hydration is not going to clear your skin from acne, rosacea, or be any kind of miracle cure for specific skin conditions, small studies suggest that hydrated skin goes right along with a well-hydrated body, and might prevent moisture loss from the skin barrier and improve the appearance of skin. 

Jaimi-Lee added that the Rise Ritual, the founding product, is another product that fits seamlessly into a morning ritual—it’s known for its immune-boosting, digestive health-regulating, anti-inflammatory, and collagen production support. In addition to supporting joint, hair, skin, and nail health, one of the key active ingredients was essentially an accidental addition to the formula. Jaimi-Lee explained the decision to include organic diatomaceous earth in the formula, originally to troubleshoot declumping the organic lemon juice powder’s consistency, but it is also known to help cleanse the digestive system and promote hair growth and skin health. 

Other than that, the Rise Ritual, because it is high in vitamin C from the inclusion of citrus, can help induce collagen production and protects the skin from sun damage and promotes skin healing, according to Oregon State University research. That hit of vitamin C will be especially important when you’re on a holiday and spending extra time in the sun getting plenty of vitamin D, and will be a key reminder to stick with your routine morning rituals, especially for your skin’s sake. 

Wellness rituals don’t have to look the same for everyone—you can make them your own, and easily incorporate nutricosmetics into the mix. Even if you’re someone who likes to make having a daily dessert or a sweet treat with your morning coffee a ritual, you can explore mixing the Rise Ritual lemony powder into a healthy olive oil cake recipe with lemon glaze. In fact, both formulas Rise Ritual and Sea Hydrate can even be combined for an immune-boosting, hydrating, cleansing, and nourishing morning ritual for full-body wellness.

This kind of holistic approach to beauty has sparked a positive ripple effect. It encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate diversity. Beauty is no longer about conforming to rigid standards; it’s about embracing our individuality and expressing ourselves authentically.

Redefining beauty and embracing self-care, nourishing our bodies, and cultivating a positive mindset is a way to achieve the best results. When we prioritize our personal health and well-being, we not only feel beautiful but radiate beauty to the world around us. Beauty is no longer skin deep; it is a reflection of our inner vitality and the love we have for ourselves.

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