How to Develop Beauty Supplements for Real-Life Use

For this episode, we got reinforcements from the Tosla Nutricosmetics’ R&D team – in addition to Tosla’s CIO Uroš Gotar we were joined by our biochemist Dolores Hartig to discuss active and other ingredients that go into a product, how to choose and combine them into a formulation, and touched on how to approach the development of beauty supplements that work not only in the lab but also in real life, for real people.

We cover everything from understanding active ingredients to delving into the differences between vitamins and minerals. Learn about the significance of non-active ingredients in formulations, the possibility of avoiding preservatives, and the intricate process of carefully choosing the ingredients for beauty potions.

On top of that, we are sharing insights into flavour optimization when developing products for real-life use, the enduring popularity of Collagen, ingredients to avoid, and the strategy behind formulating claims.

Whether you’re a professional in the nutricosmetics industry, a brand owner, or a health-conscious individual, this episode is packed with valuable knowledge on the know-how of beauty supplements, DOs and DON’Ts, and product formulating.



00:00 Intro

00:57 What are active ingredients in beauty supplements?

2:58 What are examples of active ingredients in supplements?

3:39 What is the difference between vitamins and minerals?

5:47 What are other (non-active) ingredients in formulations?

6:48 Can you consider water as an active ingredient?

7:21 What is the purpose of non-active ingredients in supplement formulations

8:47 Is it possible to avoid preservatives in products?

10:55 How do you choose ingredients to put into a supplement formulation?

12:15 How do you approach the flavour optimization of a liquid beauty supplement

14:20 How to develop products for In-Real-Life use

19:08 Why is Collagen still the favourite active ingredient?

20:14 What active ingredients you should avoid?

22:47 How to develop the claims around formulations

27:43 Wrap up



Nutricosmetics 2030 is an industry-specific content platform started by Tosla Nutricosmetics, including live and online events as well as The Nutricosmetics 2030 Show, a bi-weekly podcast, where we discuss various aspects of their work, from products, development, and science to business and marketing. Whether you’re a professional in the field, a conscious consumer, or just curious about the next big thing in beauty, this podcast is your go-to source for meaningful conversations that matter.

Uroš Gotar is the Chief Innovation Officer at Tosla Nutricosmetics and Matic Batagelj is the company’s marketing advisor.



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