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Rules and Regulations: a look at sustainability and efficacy claims for edible beauty

We started the Sustainable Beauty Inside Out event with our first conversation titled Rules and Regulations: A Look at sustainability claims for edible beauty where we discussed sustainability claims used in nutricosmetics and the regulations behind them. Basically, how brands are pushing it on the marketing side, and how the regulatory side is there to keep everything in check.

We were joined by 3 amazing experts, Jennifer Carlsson, Brand expert at Mintoiro, Ute Wollenweber, CEO and Founder at Care-and-Science, and Mojgan Moddaresi, Director at Personal Care Regulatory Ltd.


00:00 Let’s get started

03:32 Nutricosmetics Trend Report 2024 – sustainability aspects

08:28 What are the regulations behind greenwashing?

10:05 Are sustainability claims being overused?

10:35 Nutricosmetics regulatory definition and claims guideline

12:30 Food supplements claims

13:14 We have clear rules, but brands and companies are pushing them – what are the consequences

16:03 New product development and sustainability, how big is the demand for it in the early stage?

17:12 What are the wider aspects of sustainability?

17:47 What is a holistic approach to sustainability?

18:00 Expert opinion: What is the future of sustainability?

20:03 Are people willing to pay a premium for more sustainable products?

22:04 Can being more sustainable lower your cost of new customer acquisition?

22:43 Sustainability is not enough – you have to have a good product too

24:34 Is sustainability the future cost of entry? – How will regulation evolve in the future to cater to this need?

28:06 Does safety stay in the way of sustainability?

35:27 Is there an objective definition of sustainability?

40:57 Expert advice: How to start a sustainable beauty brand?

44:44 Conclusion: safety is the key and safety sells products.


This panel is a part of the Sustainable Beauty Inside Out Series where we had 4 amazing conversations about sustainability in our industry. We discussed everything from Rules and Regulations around it and how the brands are fighting for a greener future, we looked into the efforts of the supply chain with the manufacturers and packaging providers, and for the cherry on top, we dove deep into material science and looked into the truth about what actually is and what might not be as sustainable as we think with Dr. Chris DeArmit.

The event was hosted by Matic Batagelj, a business strategist, currently serving as a marketing advisor and strategist at Tosla Nutricosmetics as well as the co-host of Nutricosmetics 2030 Show.




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