Navigating the Regulatory Landscape of Beauty Supplements with Cesare Varallo

In this new episode of the Nutricosmetics 2030 Show, host Matic Batagelj sits down with Cesare Varallo, a renowned Italian lawyer and an expert in the food and supplement regulatory field. Diving deep into the complex world of beauty supplement regulations, Cesare shares invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the industry, touching on topics from health and beauty claims to the intricacies of marketing within legal boundaries.

Whether you’re an industry professional or a curious consumer, this episode sheds light on the often overlooked aspects of nutricosmetics regulation and what it means for the future of beauty and wellness.


00:00: Introduction to the complex world of beauty supplement regulations

01:27: Cesare Varallo’s rich background and multidisciplinary approach

02:37: The L’Oreal and Nestle venture: A regulatory tale

05:00: Defining food, food supplements, and cosmetics in regulatory terms

07:22: The impact of ingestion on classification and regulation

09:00: Unpacking health and nutrition claims: A regulatory perspective

12:00: The evolving landscape of beauty claims and their regulatory status

14:23: The difference between health and beauty claims explained

17:35: A closer look at the regulatory challenges of collagen products

20:33: Strategies for compliance and marketing in the supplement space

22:37: The role of influencer marketing and customer reviews in regulatory compliance

25:21: Exploring the opportunities and challenges of obtaining health claims

27:31: The strategic advantage of known ingredients and indirect marketing

30:58: The future of regulation in the beauty supplement industry and the need for agility


  • The nuanced difference between health and beauty claims and their impact on product marketing
  • The strategic importance of ingredient selection and market education in navigating regulatory landscapes
  • The evolving nature of regulations and the potential for future shifts in the industry




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