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Planet-Friendly: a reassessment of material science for sustainable beauty

We often hear that one thing is greener than the other, more sustainable than the other, there is a lot of sensationalism, but what is the actual truth? How do you determine what is green, and what is sustainable? Is plastic really the biggest villain in the world?

For the last conversation of the Sustainable Beauty Inside Out Live Series, we were joined by Dr. Chris DeArmitt, a president at Phantom Plastic, to get to the bottom of those questions.

Dr. DeArmit is considered one of the top plastic materials experts and problem-solvers in the world, which is why companies like HP, Apple, P&G, iRobot, Eaton, Total, and even Disney come to him for help.

In 2016, he published the book Innovation Abyss which reveals the true reasons for innovation failure and the proven path to success.

In 2020, Dr. DeArmitt published The Plastics Paradox, the first comprehensive, scientific overview of plastics materials and the environment covering all topics including waste, litter, microplastics, degradation, ocean plastics, and more.

Chris has a multitude of granted patents as well as numerous articles, book chapters, encyclopedia chapters, and conference presentations to his name. He is an award-winning keynote speaker educating global audiences on plastic materials science and the environmental effects of plastics.


00:00 Welcome to the  panel and speaker intro

2:45 What are the facts about sustainability?

5:06 Let’s dive deeper into the facts

9:05 What is sustainable?

12:06 The truth behind waste and recycling

16:14 Does litter make us think that waste is a big problem?

18:50 What about microplastics?

21:26 Why so much manipulation around sustainability?

22:26 Is it backed by science

26:54 How can we implement better practices/better solutions?

29:00 Questions from the audience

38:43 Wrap up


Step into the realm of ‘Sustainable Beauty Inside Out Series,’ where sustainability in the beauty industry comes under the spotlight. Across four compelling panel discussions, we explored the multifaceted aspects of sustainability. The series covered the regulatory landscape, the green initiatives of leading brands, and the contribution and challenges within the supply chain, including insights from manufacturers and packagers, and culminated with a thought-provoking exploration of material science with Dr. Chris DeArmit, challenging our perceptions of sustainability.

The event was hosted by Matic Batagelj, a business strategist, currently serving as a marketing advisor and strategist at Tosla Nutricosmetics as well as the co-host of Nutricosmetics 2030 Show.




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